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I didn' find time to have a go at building a cigar box guitar for myself until the winter of 2009 / 201o. I'd gathered some parts, including several cigar boxes of various sizes and lengths of hardwood, mainly oak, that looked suitable for necks. I'd joined Cigar Box Nation some months earlier and studied the plans and designs used by many of the experienced builders in that community. This is what I came up with.

This uses the simplest of through neck designs. I used a piece of oak which was shaped using a rasp and some chisels. Big bolts were used for both the nut and bridge and two piezzo transducers were wired in series as pickups. I played with these for some time, trying to minimise the chances of feedback. In the end I wrapped them both in tissue and placed one under the bridge and the other under the strings closer to the neck. The combination seemed to provide both a good tone with minimal feedback.

See what you think of this box in action: