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As promised - here is the second collection of bad photographs that I took at the recent Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival, hosted by those hard-working StumbleCol good-guys, Col and Tom.

Yellowbelly Flat provided some fine entertainment with some very cool instruments and fine bit of Polka...
Here's SlowPaw Steve T's cool kick drum -

SlowPaw Steve T's cool kickdrum.

Which he put to good use when he warmed up the afternoon...

Slowpaw Steve T.

 Then the mighty AboynamedStu shifted a whole load of earwax with a performance of seismic proportions...


Followed by the inimitable ChilliCoolKev providing some stonking, lowdown gravelly cigar box guitar blues...


 He was followed by another duo - this time a bass-player and cigarbox guitar player in the form of the awesome LeadfootT. Some incredible fretboard work from Fingers on Bass and Leadfoot's vocals were totally awesome...

 Then Brickdust delivered a fine solo performance, introducing a collection of outstanding new tunes and a demonstration of barefoot stomping...

 Next up it was the chance for us to enjoy the wonderful talent that is bemusic.  Making great use of a few cool pedals bemusic introduced a whole arsenal of home-made instruments including her mesmerising canjo...

 And then it was our privilege to enjoy some fine and proper delta blues delivered by the incredible Jeremiah Longshanks...

 And then it was my turn to deliver a few of my own compositions along with a handful of covers...

Then it was time for Britain's hardest working cigar box guitar outfit to do their thing. StumbleCol, dressed in their trademark black-and-white, really showed us all how it's done with a totally polished performance.

 The night was rounded off with a well organised jam session featuring Steve T., bemusic, Brickdust and ChilliCool Kev. A great way to round off a wonderful day in Cambridge. Here's hoping there is another next year (or sooner....)

Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival Jam Session



Last Saturday (11th of August 2012) the very first Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar festival was held at the Earl of Beaconsfield public house in Mill Road, Cambridge. The event was organised and hosted by those hard-working cigar-box-guitar-toting all round good guys, Tom and Col from StumbleCol. Col's organisational skills are truly legendary. He'd thought of everything, which resulted in an excellent day that was enjoyed by everyone who stopped by. You can read Col's review and take a look at some video that he recorded on the StumbleCol Blog.

I snapped a few pics on my phone camera which aren't of the highest quality - but I thought they may be worth sharing. Here are some taken from the early part of the day:

Here's a snap of the boozer where it all happened. A great venue with some very friendly staff, plenty of room, an excellent back yard area and some enthusiastic patrons. What more could you ask?

First Cigar Box Guitar Festival - Earl of Beaconsfield Pub

Early in the day Pete was sat out back demonstrating his kitchen-sink lap-steel guitar. A very fine instrument and an awesome player.

First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival - Pete and the Kitchen Sink Lapsteel

Proceedings were warmed up with an open mic session during which Pete put his sink through its paces in a jam with Tom from StumbleCol. The StumbleCol boys did a little sound check and a warm up without their trademark white shirts and black waistcoats.

StumbleCol Warmup in a Vest

StumbleCol Warmup

And out back there were plenty of great examples of fine cbg builds from StumbleCol, Roadkill and Bemusic along with CDs of the latest recordings from Slowpaw Steve, bemusic and StumbleCol. This was a lively area throughout the day with a number of locals and youngsters inspired to pick up and twang a cigar box guitar for the first time.

StumbleCol CBGs for sale at the Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

 OK - I think that's enough for this post.

I shall be back with more images of the performers throughout the day.

This year's Boxstock festival is scheduled to take place over two days in September (2012) on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th. The venue this year is to be the renowned Band on the Wall, in Manchester and the line up is awesome.

Firstly, on Friday night, Hollowbelly is scheduled to perform a free gig at The Salutation public house. And this will be accompanied by an open mic session which was a lot of fun at last year's event in West Bromich. On Saturday, at the Band on the Wall, there is a day packed full of brilliant cigar box related activities including the opportunity to build a playable instrument for only a few quid. Hollowbelly will be providing one of his outstanding masterclasses which are not to be missed. Then in the evening, there are some top class performers booked to round things off. Here's the poster - get your tickets now!

Those ever-busy StumbleCol boys have gone and organised a festival.

Colin has put together a really cool line up of the UKs most disreputable cigar box guitar players and managed to persuade a local publican to allow his premises to be invaded by shed-dwelling cigar box guitar geeks and their chums for an evening of home-made foot-stompin madness. Here's the poster - see you there 😉

The second annual cigar box guitar shindig at the infamous Saracen's Head public house in Newton Abbot, Devon (UK) is scheduled to take place on the 14th of July. Entrance is free and there is fantastic line up of cigar box twangers and bands ready to keep the place rocking from 5p.m. until the police tell them to stop. Last year's event was a whole lot of fun. The venue is great, the locals are all very friendly, the music outstanding, the grub very tasty and the beer flowing freely. Highly Recommended.