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My Essential Power Tools

Strolling Tone —  December 9, 2011

I was just clearing out my workshop a little in preparation for a build I hope to complete over the christmas holidays, so I thought I'd share with you my list of power tools that I wouldn't be without.

I'll start with my belt sander. It's really intended for sanding floors and large flat surfaces, but I clamp in a vice with the belt facing upward and then hold the work carefully against it. This is high on my list of essential power tools.

Then there is my drill press. Nothing fancy, just a regular electric drill in a vertical press. But this simple assembly helps me to drill perfectly straight holes for tuners and pickups.

I also have an electric planer which I have found invaluable in preparing necks. And another tool that I use on every build is my Dremel. I have a selection of different Dremel tools but I tend to use sanding drums and grinding disks the most.

A tool that I don't use often but I wouldn't be without is my band saw. I picked this up from a college where it had been used in their woodworking shop. It can do all sorts of wonderful things but I use it mainly for cutting necks and hardwood body parts.

I also have a disk sander and an orbital sander which are both used occasionally along with an electric jig saw that I sometimes use for ruining cigar boxes. I don't think that it's necessary to have all these electric power tools but they certainly help the build process.

Strolling Tone

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