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We have a large section of Elm that we use as a table in a shady nook in our back garden. One afternoon I thought I'd try to make a diddley bow by attaching a guitar string to the table. Here's a look:

Spam Can Diddley Bow

Strolling Tone —  April 11, 2011

Some time ago Shane Speal at Cigar Box Nation ran a little contest in which we were challenged to make a playable instrument using one or more Spam cans. I was out walking on the beach one windy weekend morning and I picked up a piece of weather worn and pebble bruised driftwood and thought to myself - 'This'll make a cool diddley bow!'. So I picked up a can of Spam on the way home.

The contents were fed to our cats, who preferred their regular cat food, and I simply attached the can to my plank. I stretched a thick guitar string over a couple of beefy screw eyes and tensioned it with an old ceramic bottleneck and a nail. I mic'ed it up with a cheap tie-clip microphone to make this video:

Spam Bow Jambo!