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About Brighton CBG

Here's just a little insight into Brighton Cigar Box Guitars...

Who are you?
We are a small group of cigar box guitar hobbyists and enthusiasts who like to share our love for these unique and fun instruments.
Why cigar box guitars?
We love 'em. They can be anything from the simplest of instruments that anyone can make to fancy works of art with everything in between. There are absolutely no rules with cigar box guitars. They can be any size, any shape, any colour with any number of strings and tuned in any which way. Truly anarchic guitars.
Who are your favourite players of these interesting instruments?
Well, everybody has heard of Seasick Steve and he's done a lot to raise peoples awareness of simple, home-made, primitive folk instruments. But there are some great cigar box players here in the UK including Hollowbelly and Chickenbone John. Most people are unaware that many well known guitar legends started out on the cigar box guitar including Carl Perkins, Lightning Hopkins, Blind Willie Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, George Benson and loads of other great guitar players.
What do think the future holds for cigar box guitars?
We think that in this age of technology many people appreciate the simplicity of these instruments. There is no need to study music theory or even know anything about chords or scales. It's all about keeping it simple, having a go and enjoying it. And this applies both to building these instruments and playing them. There isn't much that is more satisfying than playing a tune you've written yourself on an instrument that you have built from rubbish.